YETI 2020!

(Youth Effectively Transitioning to Independence)

Dear YETI Participants,


It is with a very heavy heart that we must announce the postponement of YETI due to growing concerns about the coronavirus. We are devastated to have to make this decision but we know it’s the right one. We have already heard from a few attendees that have been forced to cancel but we know many more cancellations are likely to occur soon.


Here are some important pieces of information that you need to know:


  • YETI is postponed to Thursday, Dec. 3 – Sunday, Dec. 6. We understand that this may not be the most ideal time to host a YETI but the facility at which YETI is hosted is so well known in Oregon that it is fully booked through the fall.
  • Since all airline tickets were purchased locally and were supposed to be reimbursed by HFO (name changing to PNWBD – Pacific Northwest Bleeding Disorder) at YETI, we ask that you change your flights to the corresponding December dates. It is understood and expected that there could be change fees associated with changing your flight to December. Please clearly state that this is as a result of coronavirus concerns, many airlines are taking that into consideration when considering change and cancellation fees. If you have challenges with that please contact us at Fingers crossed everyone is able to change flights without fees.
  • If you are no longer able to attend because of other commitments, we apologize and totally understand. This was completely out of our control – we truly are so sorry it turned out this way.
  • If you know of people who were previously not able to attend because of other commitments in April, please share the new dates with them and encourage them to contact us. We will be sending out more information to those not currently registered encouraging them to apply.
  • Those registered will remain registered for the December dates unless you contact us and let us know that you will not be attending. We look forward to seeing you!
  • On a more positive note, you can now start planning for YETI Conference 2021! Our tentative dates are April 15-18, 2021, so mark your calendar now!
  • Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.


Thank you so much for your understanding and patience as we navigate these unique circumstances. This community is resilient, and we know this year’s YETI Conference will only improve as a result of this


Thank you!

Madonna McGuire Smith

Executive Director, PNWBD

April 2nd – April 5th, 2020
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YETI Travel Rules:

Flights are to only be bought once you receive an approval letter from the YETI team at HFO. Try to keep flights under 500, but contact HFO if that is not possible. All flights will be reimbursed upon arrival to YETI.

If a teen (under 18) is coming to YETI from your chapter, we ask that someone over 18 travel with them.


HFO is inviting three people from each location. Those attending should include:

  • one adult responsible for teen programming who is representing the bleeding disorder chapter (either staff member or volunteer)
  • one staff member from their local HTC, also responsible for teen programming.
    (If you have any issues getting an HTC representative- contact  
  • one teen (ages 14 – 20 – not yet 21 years old) to attend the teen program offered through YETI – this will allow the teens to experience an Oregon teen weekend and help the team to develop a stronger local program. It is not required that a teen attend but it is recommended that each location bring a teen leader.

The team approach helps to make the implementation of a local teen program much more successful.

**It is mandatory that the team is composed of a chapter representative and an HTC representative, it is not mandatory that a teen representative participate from each location. HFO will follow up on all registrations and if the applicants do not meet the team requirements described above, you will potentially jeopardize your participation at YETI.

YETI Travel Reimbursement: 

 YETI will reimburse airfare or miles, if by car, a maximum of $500, any amount over will not be covered by YETI. 
Because funding is incredibly tight for the conference this year, YETI is only able to pay for the airfare of the two adult attendees, we ask that the local chapter cover the airfare expenses of the teen participant. YETI will cover all other costs associated with the teen’s participation at the conference (flight scholarship may be available for the teens).
YETI will issue checks for reimbursement once the participants arrive at Camp Collins. YETI is not responsible for booking or arranging any travel of the participants to or from the conference.
For any clarification contact HFO: 
Phone: (541) 753-0730

Teen Info:

Teen Member info: Ages (14-20)
One teen member is welcome to attend from each chapter. The incoming teens will join the teens of Oregon for a fun-filled weekend of adventure. It is preferred that the visiting teen be a prominent leader in the local chapter and be willing to contribute to the design and creation of teen programs in the future.
HFO asks that if a teen is attending YETI, the chapter covers their airfare TO and FROM YETI. (Flight scholarship may be available- contact If the visiting teen is under 18, it is required that teen travel with one of the representatives of chapter or HTC attending YETI – in other words, no one under 18 should be flying alone to and from YETI.
For questions, contact HFO: or call 541-753-0730

What is asked on Registration?

Be prepared with the following information for registration: 
The following information is needed for all registrants before the application will be considered complete (note: you will not be able to submit the application without complete information for ALL PARTICIPANTS):
Office phone
Cell phone
Chapter name or HTC name
Status (i.e. Chapter staff or volunteer, HTC staff or teen participant)
Role in organization or title (i.e. ED, Vol. Coordinator Teen Prog, Nurse)
Date of birth
Departure city
Wheelchair access
Special dietary needs

More Information

For more information contact us at