YETI Conference 2020: Now Virtual!

Dates for the Virtual YETI unConference are coming soon!

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Check out how fun in-person YETI is and find out more information about Virtual YETI below!

Virtual YETI 2020!

While we are disappointed that we weren’t able to meet in person for the YETI Conference this year, we are so excited for the new virtual program! This unique situation allows us to invite even more individuals, learn to connect in totally new ways, and have a more open schedule while still providing excellent training on how to run fantastic teen programming.

There are three different categories of people who are invited to attend YETI:

  • Chapter employees, volunteers, or representatives
  • Hemophilia Treatment Center employees or representatives
  • Teens from your community

One benefit to hosting the YETI Conference virtually is that we no longer have funding limitations on how many people can attend! As soon as YETI is back in-person, there will once again be limits on the number of attendess due to space and funding limitations. Additionally, this year’s program does not require each state to bring a representative from the chapter and the HTC. Each state may send any combination of HTC, chapter, and teen representatives.

The Oregon PEAK Teen Program will be participating in the conference, and they would love to meet teens from other chapters! Each chapter can bring as many teens (14-20 year olds) as you would like, this program is a fantastic way to jump-start a teen group in your state or build on an existing one.

A normal YETI Conference requires air-travel, staying in cabins, and an entire weekend of time. Instead, Virtual YETI takes place in the comfort of your home, you can sleep in your own bed, and the schedule is designed to fit in with the rest of your life. We all love attending YETI at Camp Collins, but Virtual YETI is much warmer!

Another unique aspect of Virtual YETI is that each attendee receives a YETI Box! This box will come packed full of materials for activities, YETI goodies, and other fun surprises. Even though we can’t all come together, we can still experience the magic of YETI at home.

Unfortunately, due to the different platform and information required for Virtual YETI, those who registered for the postponed in-person YETI in April will need to re-register. We hope you are still able to join us!

While we are still finalizing the dates of the Virtual YETI Conference 2020, you can register now!

Contact us at with any questions!            Register here!